Darcie Lynn's Reining training is very extensive. She starts with the basics of body control from head to tail making both sides of the body the same. This allows even a less natural horse to perform a correct maneuver to the best of their ability. It also reduces the risk of lameness by teaching the horse to use its body correctly instead of repetitively training the maneuver. Having full body basics keeps the horse broke enough to be corrected in later stages which helps the longevity of the horse’s performance life.
Training is $900/per month. This includes training, board, grooming, Hot Walker exercise, and or lunging (when not ridden) , and 3 free lessons per month. (Lessons do not accumulate, or carry over. Free lessons only while horse is in training.)

Private Lessons 

Private Lessons $50 per lesson 


Showing and other training...
If you have interest in having a reining horse but you have never shown we can handle that for you. We offer showing your horse as well as coaching for the horse owners who want to learn to show their own horse.

Show fees are paid by
the horse owner.
Show fees include but
not limited to....
Stall and bedding cost
Entry/judge/office fees
Showing /Coachig fee ($50/day)


Mileage ($.50/mile)

Darcie has trained and competed in many events other than reining. She has training and has showing experience in Western Pleasure, Barrel Racing, Jumping, and Trail classes. Also has ridden huntseat, Fox hunts, mounted shooting and trained horses for polo. Darcie has very efficient thorough training methods. The same methods she uses for reining Darcie uses for other disciplines as well. It is about breaking resistance, teaching the horse to be balanced and putting the horse in a willing frame of mind.

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